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Black Friday

Every year, about two weeks out from my birthday, I am a miserable boy. I turn 32 on February 26 and all I’ve been thinking about—as I count the days til my Facebook wall is filled with birthday wishes—is Black Friday. I know we’re months past 2013’s Black Friday and nearly a year away from 2014’s, but there’s footage replaying… Read more →

Sad Christmas Reading

“I am currently reading a dozen or so self help [sic] books on success, motivation, relationships, financial security and positive thinking.” – This is possibly the saddest sentence I will read today, Christmas Day 2012. Read more →

Building A Shrine

Last year, Christmas Day, I walked out of my parents’ house in Little Neck, Queens and hoofed it to Great Neck, Long Island, which is a town over, but still a good walk. I’d had a heated argument with my father over what I viewed (and still view) as eminent domain abuse in Brooklyn and needed to clear my head.… Read more →