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Years ago, a friend brought me to her 10-year high school reunion. We had slept together a number of times during the months leading up to the reunion—but we never got serious. Although I can’t claim to have been amazing in the sack, I was one hell of a date the night members of the graduating class of ’90-something got… Read more →

Not An Erotic(a) Regret

Talia was training for a half-Ironman when she messaged me on OkCupid to ask: “…Of all the erotic sentences you wrote during that post-college stint, would you mind sharing your all-time favorite?” It turns out my favorite line of smut is also the best line I’ve ever written: “I felt like I was all dick, and no humanity.” Read more →

Erotica Regrets

One regret I have about quitting my job as an erotic fiction writer so many years ago is that I never got to use the following line in a story: She sucked me so hard, my beard went back into my face. Read more →

Justified Homicide

I’m in the outline stage of my novel, and going through my notes I’m finding so many lines and fragments that I will ultimately have to kill. Here is a fragment that will have to die for the good of the story: …to conclude the ceremony with what could have been the incantation of a monosyllabic deity: “Kiss.” Read more →