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Eros Evolving

I take a seat in the back row of folding chairs in Piedmont Veteran’s Hall. While the crew checks the microphones and PowerPoint setup, a middle-aged woman comes down the aisle, bent over a four-wheel Rollator. She stops at a chair and struggles to make the move from standing to sitting. She adjusts an oversized fanny pack that’s slung over… Read more →

OkCupid Plagiarism

A dude on OkCupid plagiarized lines from my profile. I feel both artistically violated and like I’m a bigger catch than I was before…. The culprit is the unoriginal male half of a polyamorous relationship. Saturday-night loneliness has got me clicking on OkCupid profiles, wanting desperately to be held, kissed—loved. I click on the profile of a “unicorn” with whom… Read more →