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I wrote the following scene four years ago. It was previously available on my old website, posted February 6, 2012. EXT: PATHMARK PARKING LOT – FEBRUARY 7, 2010 MARTY (37), decked out in New York Giants gear, sits in a folding-chair behind his parked SUV. He’s warming his hands over a portable grill. MARTY (chanting): Let’s go, Giants! Let’s go,… Read more →


I don’t miss the seasons. But it’s not a temperature thing. When I was back in New York for the holidays I experienced the 5-degree weather, the wind-chill—the moisture on my mustache turning icy, as I shambled into the wind without proper head-and-ear gear. But I didn’t hate it. In Los Angeles (where I’m typing this) my bedroom window is… Read more →


Sometimes a single 30-year-old man with a membership to New York Sports Club wants to exercise outside. It’s a lovely day, and he’s been training hard for months, not for a marathon or some other event to fight cancer. No, he’s been working out because since the breakup he’s realized how good it feels to imagine himself a sexy motherfucker.… Read more →