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A Facebook Story

“When you were a baby I’d post a new photo of you every day to Facebook. And if you look back over all those pictures you’ll notice a certain man whom you’ve never met—yet he “liked” each and every one of your baby pics. That man, my child, is your real father. It’s time for you to friend him.“ Read more →

Eros Evolving

I take a seat in the back row of folding chairs in Piedmont Veteran’s Hall. While the crew checks the microphones and PowerPoint setup, a middle-aged woman comes down the aisle, bent over a four-wheel Rollator. She stops at a chair and struggles to make the move from standing to sitting. She adjusts an oversized fanny pack that’s slung over… Read more →


I own one suit. It’s cheap and it’s been with me for years. I don’t wear it—it wears me. Not every day—but for events. Depending on the wedding or funeral, I may change the tie. But it’s the same suit. It’s too thin for cold weather, too dark for warm. The pants need to be hemmed. The jacket pockets are… Read more →