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Christopher Robin Is Cold

‘All we need to get started is a suggestion.’ The audience—a few ounces of Southern Comfort already in their systems, empty Dixie cups littering the ground beneath their chairs—takes a moment. To swallow? To twist off a cap from one of the light beers they’ve brought? To be clever? Forty in attendance (give or take), but only one, somewhere in… Read more →

This Is My Proof (Originally Published In Zouch Magazine)

Zouch Magazine will no longer exist come August 2013, and there is no guarantee that my piece, “This Is My Proof,” will be available to read online, so I’ve decided to post it below. “I believed, by way of contemplating the future, that we would all be around for one another’s funerals.” – Joan Didion, “After Henry” When I find out… Read more →