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“Where’d You Go, Sexy Boxer?” – m4w

“Where’d You Go, Sexy Boxer?” – m4w Date: 2009-11-01, 9:12AM EST Reply To This Post We met on the Uptown 6. I got on at Union Square. The subway car was empty, except for the Commercial Pilot and his Sexy Flight-Attendant sleeping in the corner. You were sitting by yourself, Sexy Boxer. The first time I saw your costume it… Read more →

Christopher Robin Is Cold

‘All we need to get started is a suggestion.’ The audience—a few ounces of Southern Comfort already in their systems, empty Dixie cups littering the ground beneath their chairs—takes a moment. To swallow? To twist off a cap from one of the light beers they’ve brought? To be clever? Forty in attendance (give or take), but only one, somewhere in… Read more →


The Saddest Billboard

I’ve been seeing these billboards around Los Angeles (see above), and while I appreciate the smiles on the faces of the people posed in them, I still find the ads incredibly sad. Not because the people are HIV +. No, it’s because God doesn’t love them. I mean, God can’t love them. Because there is no God. I’m sure the… Read more →

A Facebook Story

“When you were a baby I’d post a new photo of you every day to Facebook. And if you look back over all those pictures you’ll notice a certain man whom you’ve never met—yet he “liked” each and every one of your baby pics. That man, my child, is your real father. It’s time for you to friend him.“ Read more →

Eros Evolving

I take a seat in the back row of folding chairs in Piedmont Veteran’s Hall. While the crew checks the microphones and PowerPoint setup, a middle-aged woman comes down the aisle, bent over a four-wheel Rollator. She stops at a chair and struggles to make the move from standing to sitting. She adjusts an oversized fanny pack that’s slung over… Read more →

Don’t Kiss Liars

When I was in the first grade I lied about kissing Cynthia Medina. Even though technically we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we had a first-grade relationship. We didn’t call each other on the phone. We didn’t hold hands. And we definitely didn’t kiss. Being her boyfriend basically meant that I was nicer to her than I was to the other… Read more →

Enjoy It, Because I Can’t

It was Natalie’s idea to meet at the Griffith Observatory. It was one of her favorite places, and I had never been—I was still kinda new to Los Angeles—so it was a perfect first-date spot. I arrived early—right on time, actually. I parked my rental car in the main lot closest to the Observatory and walked over to the Astronomer’s… Read more →

Should We Lose Cabin Pressure

“Should We Lose Cabin Pressure” is my first story. I wrote it in 2006, during my second semester of grad school at the City College of New York. At the time I was studying under author/professor Mark Mirsky. It was the first of two fiction workshops we’d have together. Technically other stories came before “Should We Lose Cabin Pressure.” Like… Read more →


Years ago, a friend brought me to her 10-year high school reunion. We had slept together a number of times during the months leading up to the reunion—but we never got serious. Although I can’t claim to have been amazing in the sack, I was one hell of a date the night members of the graduating class of ’90-something got… Read more →

Not An Erotic(a) Regret

Talia was training for a half-Ironman when she messaged me on OkCupid to ask: “…Of all the erotic sentences you wrote during that post-college stint, would you mind sharing your all-time favorite?” It turns out my favorite line of smut is also the best line I’ve ever written: “I felt like I was all dick, and no humanity.” Read more →