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When I’m back home in Brooklyn I like to sit in my living room and listen to the man who lives in the apartment above mine yell. Sometimes I’ll get up from my couch and follow his shouting into my kitchen and cock my ear to the vent of the airshaft we share. Most of the time I have no… Read more →


I don’t miss the seasons. But it’s not a temperature thing. When I was back in New York for the holidays I experienced the 5-degree weather, the wind-chill—the moisture on my mustache turning icy, as I shambled into the wind without proper head-and-ear gear. But I didn’t hate it. In Los Angeles (where I’m typing this) my bedroom window is… Read more →

New York Is Cold

(Originally published March 16, 2011 on my old website) The following commentary didn’t make it onto the Mad Atoms “Biggie vs. Tupac” page. I hope you enjoy the rejected piece. I wrote it back when temperatures were a lot lower in NYC. Question: What do New Yorkers think of L.A.? Answer: We don’t. Now this may be hard for some… Read more →