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The First Sketch I Ever Wrote

This is the first sketch I ever wrote, back when I was an undergrad at NYU (circa ‘03). I was taking a comedy writing class with Barry Goldsmith and had just joined the sketch group The Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz.

One of the class assignments was to write sketches. I wrote three of them, but one turned out to be an inferior version of a sketch Joe Rogan had already done; the other two I submitted to the Hammerkatz at our first group meeting.

You will never see the “Party Balloons” sketch I submitted, but this one, originally titled “Monte” (named after the real-life security guard working the front desk at my Lafayette Street dorm), made it into the Hammerkatz live show(s) and now, over 12 years later, into the Greg and Lou canon.

Thanks to Rachel Bloom for bringing Melanie back to life.

Gay Ass Faggot

The “gay ass faggot” comment has appeared on a number of our Greg and Lou videos. The comment annoys me, because, I feel like if I were gay, I’d be more of a “gay mouth faggot.” I guess I have to accept that YouTube commenters see something in me that I just don’t see. Read more →

Every Woman’s James Franco Fantasy

My ex-girlfriend has a crush on James Franco. She’s not the only person who does, I know, but that didn’t make it any less annoying when we were dating. Because anytime James Franco would pop up on the television or we’d pass his image on a billboard or cover of a magazine, my ex would giggle. A grown woman giggling.… Read more →