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The Sunday before Super Bowl 48 I competed in the Gracie Nationals, a submission-only grappling tournament held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown L.A. I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the regular for about a year and a half. For most of my life I never had an interest in grappling or wrestling or roughhousing in general. But… Read more →


I spent the morning of my 31st birthday (February 26, 2013) running the stairs of the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. Actually, I only spent around one hour and 49 minutes running up and down the stairs. In that time I completed 31 ascents from the Bowl’s orchestra pit (section 24) to the nosebleeds. A straight line from pit… Read more →


Sometimes a single 30-year-old man with a membership to New York Sports Club wants to exercise outside. It’s a lovely day, and he’s been training hard for months, not for a marathon or some other event to fight cancer. No, he’s been working out because since the breakup he’s realized how good it feels to imagine himself a sexy motherfucker.… Read more →