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Open Mic

Tonight I got up at a mixed open mic: comedians and musicians. The musicians were great and their songs broke up the open mic nicely. Listening to them made me wish I hadn’t stopped playing guitar in high school. If I had kept at it who knows where I’d be? Well, probably at the same open mic. Read more →

Peanut Mother

The world is full of people who are setups for jokes. I met one of the cursed on Southwest airlines. I was flying back to Los Angeles from New York, with a layover in Milwaukee. She was a mother in her late-30’s/early-40’s, attractive, and had yet to succumb to mom jeans, which I noticed when she was placing one of… Read more →


Fight stories are like sex stories: all you need are a couple really good ones, and people will think you’re doing it all the time. This is one of my fight stories. Read all about the epic night a comedian, a Tool cover band, alcohol, and a homeless man collided. Only in Sabotage Times. Read more →


This photo was taken in the back room of Amarchi Lounge in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, over an hour before I would take the stage for my first stand-up performance of 2013. I had been battling hiccups for something like eight hours. They started on the set of a Reservoir Dogs parody Greg and I had shot earlier that day. I… Read more →

Prayer and Comedy

I do not remember where I read it, but there was a story about a convent, practically isolated from the rest of the world, where the nuns spent all their time praying. They prayed when they gardened. They prayed when they cooked. They even prayed when they chewed the food from their garden, which they cooked (if the recipe called… Read more →